Schedule Planner is an application that allows you to quickly and easily plan optimal class schedules.

You can use this application to see all of the possible combinations of schedules that are available based on the specific courses that you choose. The course information available in Schedule Planner is updated every 5 minutes on weekdays.

NOTE - Building your class schedule in Schedule Planner does not constitute registering for those classes. You still need to use the Self Service options in the mySVSU portal to complete registration for classes.

Please click the Login button to authenticate and access Schedule Planner.

Additional Instructions:

  • While in Schedule Planner, please note the line number for each class.
  • Get the line number by clicking on:
    • View Schedule OR
    • Registration Instructions OR
    • View Print Version of Schedule.
  • To complete your Registration: When it is your time to register, login to the mySVSU portal, in Self Service click on the Students option, click on Registration, click on Register/Drop Sections, click on Register/Drop Sections, click on Select sections by line number and REGISTER, enter the line numbers that you retrieved from Schedule Planner in the line number field.