GPA Calculator

This GPA Calculator will calculate your anticipated GPA based on the grades from your current coursework.

  1. Enter your current grade points and GPA from your transcript (This can be accessed through Cardinal Direct).
  2. Estimate the grades you expect to receive from your current course schedule.
  3. GPA Calculator - Fill in all boxes with estimated grade and credit information.
  4. If you are repeating a course, please check the repeat column and then enter the previous grade you received in that course.
  5. If you are taking a course numbered below the 100 level, (ex ENG 080, MATH 080, etc) do not enter these courses, as these courses are not included in your cumulative GPA.
NOTE: AN SVSU GPA IS BASED SOLELY ON CREDITS COMPLETED AT SVSU! Credits completed through transfer institutions are not included when computing an SVSU GPA.

Overall GPA Totals
Estimated Overall GPA
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