Norie R Singer

Professor of Communication
Department of Communication
Arts & Behavioral Sciences
Academic and Student Affairs

SVSU Main Campus
Brown Hall 340


Dr. Norie Ross Singer is a Full Professor in the Department of Communication. Singer is a scholar-teacher of rhetorical and critical-cultural studies. Singer regularly teaches courses on media and society, rhetoric in civic life, argumentation and debate, persuasion and attitude change, and social movement communication. Their courses examine various public communication issues, including but not limited to message strategies, ethical dilemmas, ideology and power, corporate-consumer culture, and democracy in the public sphere. 

Norie is currently a Ruth and Ted Braun Research Fellow at SVSU and Associate Editor of Environmental Communication, an influential international academic journal focused on the many intersections among communication, media, society, and environmental issues. Much of Dr. Singer’s published research analyzes rhetorical struggles waged by modern U.S. environmental and food movements. This work has often focused on public discourses about science and technology, health, sustainability and justice, and corporate and consumer citizenship.

Singer is the lead author of Rooted Resistance: Agrarian Myth in Modern America, a book published in 2020 by University of Arkansas Press. Professor Singer's work has been published in international and national communication journals such as Communication Theory, Communication, Culture & Critique, Quarterly Journal of Speech, Critical Studies in Media Communication, and Environmental Communication. Norie is a past recipient of the National Communication Association's Christine L. Oravec Research Award in Environmental Communication and has served as President/Chair of NCA's Environmental Communication Division.


Doctor of Philosophy
Bowling Green State University